Bridlington Lions take part in loads of activities in the community. Here is a selection of the things that we have done in the past:

It was the Lions Carnival Fun Day once again

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Once again the weather smiled on us and in spite of the rain that had been forecast for Saturday 1st August it held off until late afternoon and so we were able to get everything set up in the ‘dry’. On Carnival Day itself we awoke to bright Sunshine and although we did get some cloud it remained fine and relatively warm all day, the crowds came along to give their support and an excellent day was enjoyed by all. The takings were up on last year on all the Lions Stalls and most of the exhibitors seemed to be well satisfied with the day and the public went away happy. This is our major fund raising event of the year and our Charity account was given a good boost, so a big thank you to our sponsors, the public and all those who helped in any way – remember every penny that we raise is for the benefit of local charities as we do not have any administrative costs.


Summer Coach Outing 2009

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday 26th July was a red letter day for a number of elderly Bridlington residents as it was the day we took them on the annual coach outing to North Yorkshire. The coach was hired from Phoenix Travel and we had an excellent circular tour through some spectacular countryside to Helmsley for a short stop and then on to Thornton le Dale for our usual ample afternoon tea at Balderstone’s Cafe. The trip was enjoyed thoroughly by all our guests and even the rain did not dampen our spirits!


Message in a Bottle at Morrisons

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Our thanks to Morrisons Supermarket who gave us permission to erect our “Message in a Bottle” display stand in the entrance foyer of their Bridlington store. We were there from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Wednesday 6th May and during that time we gave out a large number of our lifesaving bottles to the shoppers. For those of you who don’t know what this scheme is about I will explain. It is a national scheme run mainly by Lions Clubs and plastic bottles with a distinctive ‘medical’ logo are given out to anyone who needs them. The bottle contains a form on which the recipient notes details of any allergies, medication they are on, doctors name, next of kin etc. This is put back in the bottle which is then placed in the fridge and a green ‘sticker’ (also supplied) is stuck on the fridge door and a similar sticker is also placed in a prominent position near their entrance door to their property. Then in case of emergency the paramedics, firemen or Police who all support the scheme, know that they must look in the fridge for the lifesaving bottle. There have been numerous recorded cases of lives having been saved by this simple and comparatively inexpensive idea. The bottles are provided free of charge by Bridlington Lions Club.


Pie & Pea Supper

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday 17th March saw the last of our evening Pie and Pea suppers for this winter season and it was a really excellent evening with the Bridlington Girls Choir under their new Musical Director providing the main entertainment, one of the highlights of the evening was when one of our gentlemen guests with an excellent voice, joined in the singing of ‘Danny Boy’ (it was St Patrick’s Day of course!) – he did so well that I believe he has been invited to join the choir on other occasions! The second entertainer was our old friend Geoff Broadway who’s ‘easy listening’ type of singing proved to be as popular as ever.


A special day at Sewerby Methodists

Friday, 6 March 2009

Friday 6th March was the date of a very special event at Sewerby Methodist Church when in the evening they held a Festival of Youth, one of the groups taking part was the Guides of the Church and our Club took this event as the opportunity to make 3 special presentations. Every Year Lions Clubs International holds a ‘Peace Poster Competition’ and this year we had persuaded 3 young ladies from the Guides to produce posters for Bridlington Lions Club to enter into the District Competition. The 3 entries were duly sent off but unfortunately they got lost in the post and when they turned up 3 or 4 weeks later they had missed the judging. This was disappointing for everyone concerned and so we decided to hold a mini competition of our own and at a Club meeting all the members chose our ‘winner’ – all the girls were given book tokens in recognition of their efforts and the photo below shows the entrants with their posters.


Marie Curie Cancer Care Collection

Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Club volunteered to help Marie Curie Cancer care with their Daffodil collection in Bridlington’s Tesco store on Friday and Saturday 27th & 28th February. This collection marked the end of the year during which Tesco nationally had adopted Marie Curie as their Charity of the Year. I don’t know what Tesco raised nationally throughout the year but we managed to collect over £550 on their behalf over the two days and so a big thank you to all those who helped.


A Grrr….eat Weekend

Monday, 9 February 2009

We did have a great time at District 105C Convention at the Doncaster Holiday Inn last weekend. There was travel chaos in many parts of the country caused by snow, but in East Yorkshire we were spared the trauma and had a trouble free journey in both directions. The weekend started on the afternoon of Friday 6th February with a meeting of the Cabinet at 3.30 p.m. after which we joined the ladies for afternoon tea before ‘preparing ourselves!’ for the Hosts Evening – this took the form of a “40’s” evening with a meal, fancy dress and a 40’s style disco. It was most enjoyable, the food was better than two years ago at the same venue and to cap it all our Club representatives won the Fancy Dress prize for the best turned out Club. As you can see from the photo we adopted a naval theme with our ladies in dresses from the 40’s era. Convention on the Saturday was called to order by the Sergeant-at-Arms at around 9.15 and, apart from an hour’s break for lunch, continued until 4.30 p.m. The Convention went very well and we had a very inspiring address by our International Guest, Past International Director Lion Phil Nathan and then later in the afternoon a fascinating Keynote address from Sqdn. Ldr. Retd. Ian Blair about his first 10 year’s service in the RAF. He joined up in 1936 at the age of 16 years and progressed through the ranks finally becoming a Spitfire Pilot. It wasn’t until we did a little mental arithmetic that we realised he must be almost 90 years old and he did not look a day over 70!

However, the highlight of the day came when they announced the Annual Awards. Bridlington Club took second place in the “Scrapbook Competition” (a scrapbook record of the previous year’s President) but we were in joint first place with York Club for the International Relations Award mainly in recognition of our support over many years for a student in Malawi. However, the absolute “icing on the cake” was when Bridlington were announced as winners of the District Governors “Club of Excellence” Award, we were “Gob-smacked” but very proud and just to round off the whole proceedings our own Vice-President Lion John Hall was presented with the district Governor’s Certificate of appreciation for help as his ‘Right Hand Man’ over the year.

The weekend finished with the usual formal dinner and ball (or should I say noisy disco!!) and we had a great evening before going to bed feeling very tired.


The Beach Clean-up that wasn’t

Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Club had undertaken to do a Beach Clean on the South Beach at Bridlington at 2 p.m. on Saturday 4th October, the idea being that this would be our contribution to the national Big Tidy up Campaign. The arrangements were that the Community Wardens would clean the north beach the previous week and we would deal with the south beach on Saturday. However, the Wardens did such a good job that they cleaned the whole of the north beach and continued on to the south side as well going right up to Wilsthorpe. So that meant that there was no beach left for us to clean!! Undaunted we asked where our services could be used to good advantage and as a result 15 or 16 Lions and wives carried out a cleanup of Queensgate Park. To be honest the park did not look too bad when we arrived but it is surprising how much rubbish there was to collect because we gathered about 10 sacks of rubbish that were kindly taken away by the Council’s Community Wardens – so thanks to all who helped.


A Very Special Meeting

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Our meeting on Thursday 25th September was very special in a number of ways. Firstly we were visited by Lion Cyril Goodridge, the District Governor for District 105C and also by Lion Mel Watson the Zone 5B Chairman and members of Rotherham and Hornsea Lions Clubs. Second (and most importantly) I inducted Lion Eve as the 3rd Lady member of our Club and last but not least the District Governor presented a 35 year long service award to Lion Fred Sowden and also a Membership Key Award to Lion John Pudsey. It was an excellent meeting rounded off by a social half hour with a buffet laid on by Lion John Rycroft. Just before the close of the meeting the DG presented me with his Personal Friendship Bannner (shown above) and his lapel Pin.


The Carnival is Over!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Yes it is hard work and yes it is our main fundraising event of the year – but it is also great FUN! Of course it does not happen overnight because it takes the whole year to plan and prepare but the real hard work and fun is over in just about 48 hours. Early on Saturday morning a team of helpers meet at our equipment store to load up all the items that we need for the event and it is then off to Sewerby Cliff Top to set everything up. There are stalls, marquees and tents to erect and all the pre-booked pitches have to be marked out ready for the arrival of the stalls and attractions early on Sunday morning. This year it was necessary to fence off the area used by the regular Land Train service to Sewerby Hall as a Health and Safety requirement but this did eventually prove to be a benefit all round. In spite of some heavy showers we managed to get everything ready by late afternoon so that the ‘night-watchmen’ provided by a local Scout Troop, could take over. Sunday was a relatively easy day for President David and his wife Janet, after all it was ‘their carnival’ and they were told to go and enjoy it and that is just what they did. They met the Town Mayor and his wife just before noon and he declared the Arena Events formally open. The car boot sale started much earlier in the morning and other stalls and attractions opened from 10.30 a.m. but the Arena attractions of Bozo and Zizi the Clowns and a Gun-Dog and Falconry display team started their performances at 12.15 p.m. The crowds turned up in their thousands and the weather was very kind to us overall with just a short light shower in the middle of the afternoon. Once agin the event was a financial success and we learned during the well earned meal, that the Lions and all our helpers enjoyed at the Sefton Hotel later in the evening, that our profits this year should be in excess of £6,000 – so well done everyone. For more photos of the day go to our ‘Carnival Photos Page’


A Cheque Presentation

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Wednesday evening saw Lion Secretary Dave Vernon & President David Atkinson visit the Bridlington Gymnastics Club on Bessingby Industrial Estate in order to present them with our cheque for £250 being a donation towards the purchase of a Gym Mat. They cost about £500 for a quite moderately sized mat and so our donation will only buy half a mat but even so they were very grateful. The Club does an excellent job and regularly produce Yorkshire Champions in the various age ranges – next year we will have to see if they can put on a display for us at the Carnival Fun Day.

Changeover Meeting with a Difference

Our Changeover meeting with a difference was held on Thursday 10th July, and a most enjoyable occasion it was too. As has become our custom, we held the meeting at Rags Restaurant and Les, Julie and all the staff looked after us very well. We reversed the usual order of proceedings and started with an excellent meal. When all had been cleared away we started with the business of the evening and the President’s first official duty was to induct two men and a lady into Club membership.


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

On Monday 23rd June we had a surprise meeting, it followed a series of phone calls over the weekend and resulted in Lion Secretary Dave Vernon and President Lion David Atkinson accompanying the town Mayor and his wife to meet a remarkable disabled lady from Kenilworth called Judy Woolfenden MBE. The meeting was at the John Bull Rock Factory and the story behind the visit is that every year Judy does a personal challenge to raise money for her charity. She has done all sorts of things including hot air balloon ascents and even a dog sled trek in the Arctic (The President declined her invitation to accompany her on a similar venture next February somewhere near the Russian Border!!). This year she has been touring the UK in a motor caravan that was loaned to her for the trip and she has been collecting articles that she can sell at a Charity Auction later in the year. We were pleased to present her with a Club Bannerette and two Lion soft toys for the Auction – she is a truly remarkable lady.


It was a Great Weekend

All our preparation for the Twinning weekend with our friends from the Alblasserwaard /Souburgh Lions Club in the Netherlands started to come to fruition when 6 cars set off from the Yacht Club in Bridlington just before 7.00 a.m. on Friday morning to meet our guests at the North Sea Ferries Rotterdam Terminal in Hull. The boat arrived on time and our guests were in good form having had a pleasant and calm crossing. We returned to Bridlington and after a couple of hours rest we all met at the newly re-opened Spa building for our welcome meeting followed by a conducted tour of the premises. Everyone was most impressed by the new facilities and agreed that we now have a Conference Centre and Theatre to rival any on the east coast of England. Our next port of call was the Bridlington Links Golf Club where we has an enjoyable light lunch of soup and sandwiches after which we went to Sewerby Hall and Gardens where we were due to have a conducted tour of the House. However, we met our first hitch in the programme because they had booked two parties at the same time and as there were too many people for the planned tour they gave us a talk (or should I say lecture!!) about the history of the building. It was rather long and not particularly interesting but fortunately the exploration of the gardens afterwards raised our spirits once again. As is usual, the first night of the Twinning weekend is the Hosts evening to enable the Hosts and their Guests to get to know each other. Of course most of us already knew our guests well and so the ‘getting to know’ bit did not take long. This year we split into two parties with 11 people in each Janet & I went to David & Jan Sutton’s house along with David Vernon and their guests and the rest of the party met at Ken and Heather Taylor’s home. We had an excellent evening with good conversation, good food, good wine and good beer!! The bonus for our guests was watching the Dutch Football team beat France 4-1 in the European Cup (no wonder the wine and beer flowed!!) After a good night’s rest we set off by car on Saturday morning and had a pleasant drive through the North Yorkshire Moors to the Lion at Blakey Ridge where what was supposed to be a light lunch turned out to be a very ample repast indeed – but the food was excellent. After Lunch we travelled the short distance to Hutton le Hole for a visit to the Ryedale Folk Museum it was a thoroughly enjoyable visit that went down very well with our guests. After a short rest at home we got ready for the Twinning Dinner in the evening. This year we went to the Manor Court Hotel and they looked after us very well indeed. The food was excellent as was the company and we had a really good time. I gave a short speech and in his response Roel Teeuen, the President of the Dutch Club made us a presentation of a small sculpture, made by his wife, to represent the Twinning of our two Clubs.The time had flown and soon it was Sunday morning, the last day of the visit. A lazy morning had been planned and we had a short walk and showed our Guests the Lions Soft Toy Tombola stall that was operating on the North Promenade for the day. Lunch was taken at the Ferns Hotel and once again we were looked after very well. The afternoon was supposed to be taken up with a visit to and conducted tour of Beverley. However, the booked tour guide let us down at the last minute and so alternative arrangements had to be made. Fortunately there was a special event at Sledmere House and so we took our Guests there for a visit. It turned out to be a very wise choice and I know that for one or two of our visitors it was the highlight of the weekend. We did not see much of the special event which was a Second World War re-enactment type of event but what we saw was enjoyable and everyone was impressed by Sledmere House itself. We left Sledmere just before 5 p.m. and returned our Guests to the Ferry Terminal to say our farewells – then home to bed for a well earned rest! We are all looking forward to our return visit to Holland in 12 months time (provided that we receive an invitation of course!!)


We have a New Mini Bus

Saturday, 23 February 2008

As can be seen from the photograph the Club is now the proud owner of a new Minibus. It is much better to drive and very much more comfortable for the passengers than the old “Blue Peril”! One of it’s main uses is for the twice weekly Hospital visiting service that we run – on Mondays and Wednesdays each week. Members are prepared to run Bridlington residents to Scarborough Hospital to visit sick relatives – requests for transport must be received by Lion John Bayne on 01262 678327 before 5 p.m. on Sunday for the Monday service and before 5 p.m. on Tuesday for the Wednesday  run (if Lion John Bayne is unavailable ring Lion Gary Hedges on 01262 675312). Please note that bookings can only be made on Sundays and Mondays, not on any other days of the week.

However, the Minibus is also available to other Local Organizations if is is not required for our own use. We do not charge for Hire – that would not be allowed, but we are pleased to accept a donation to help defray running expenses. Requests should be addressed to Lion John Kingston on 01262 401052.


Sad News

Saturday, 23 February 2008

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of Margaret Gregson the wife of Lion President Geoff. Margaret passed away on Saturday 16th February 2008 after a long illness, she will be greatly missed. Lion Vice President David Atkinson has been standing in for Geoff as President and will continue to do so for the time being. Lion Dave Vernon will also be taking over the Secretarial duties from Lion David Atkinson during this period.


Presentation to Simon Malone

Monday, 1 October 2007

The Photograph shows Lion President Geoff Gregson (Bridlington) and Lion President John Elsey (North Wolds) with Simon Malone and the “Hand-bike” presented to him jointly by Bridlington and North Wolds Lions Clubs. Simon was a keen sportsman and cyclist until he was severely disabled as a result of an accident. We were pleased to help him to get mobile once again.


We Celebrate our 1,000th Meeting

Thursday, 10 May 2007

1,000 NOT OUT!!!

Bridlington Lions Club recently celebrated its 1000th meeting.  The Club was Chartered in 1963 and it was the longest serving member’s interest in facts and figures that brought this important milestone to the Club’s attention.  Lion Harry Simpson now in his 88th year, joined the Club in 1969.  He has always been a keen and active Lion, and was Club Treasurer for almost 10 years, and has served on the Appeals committee for 21years.   He was granted privileged member status in 1988. To mark the occasion of 1000 meetings, the Presidents of Bridlington’s mother Club (Beverley) and daughter Club ( North Wolds) were invited along with the District Governor Eileen Smith and Region Chairman Janet Wetherill.  The members decided to mark the event by honouring Lion Harry with a Melvyn Jones Fellowship to recognise his long and valuable service. The Melvyn Jones Fellowship is the highest individual award recognising “dedicated humanitarian service”

District Governor Eileen opened the meeting by inducting a new member into the Club, and as Lion President Roger Davies said, it must be a rare occasion to be President not only at the 1000th meeting, but at the same time recognise a member with over 40 Years service and a new one with only 40 MINUTES service!!


Award from Ladbrokes’ Charity Fund

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Bridlington Lions Club were fortunate to be awarded a grant of £700 from Ladbrokes’ Charity fund to assist our support of local Bridlington Charities. We were most grateful for the grant and the Manageress of Ladbrokes in Bridlington is seen here presenting the Cheque to Lion President Roger Davies.


Message in a Bottle

On Wednesday 28th February 2007, by kind permission of Morrisons Supermarket, Bridlington we were allowed to set up a display stand in their entrance foyer to publicise the Lions ‘Message in a Bottle’ project. The idea is for elderly people or others with a serious medical condition to take one of the plastic container and fill in the form that it contains with details of any allergies, medical conditions, medication etc. The form is then put back in the ‘bottle’ and placed in the Fridge in the person’s house. The emergency services are supporting the scheme and Police, Fire and Ambulance Officers all know that they should look in the Fridge for a bottle if they are called to a house in which a ‘Message in a Bottle’ sticker is displayed. It was a very successful event and over 500 ‘Bottles’ were distributed.

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