Book Shop – What Book Shop?


Bookshop, What Bookshop?

Lions Book Shop Location

The Lions Bookshop has been in Palace Car Park since 1992 and still many people are unaware of its existence. For visitors using Palace Car Park the book shop is one of the first shops they see in the town but for residents it is a bit off the beaten track. The map on the right should help you locate it.

This year the bookshop has opened for an extra day each week and is now open from Monday to Saturday between 10:30am and 3:30pm.

The Book Shop

The shop has had a bit of a makeover with new carpets and improved signs incorporating the Lions logo.

The bookshop provides an opportunity to re-cycle unwanted books and relies on your donations, so if you have any unwanted books or magazines please consider bringing them either directly to the bookshop or telephone 676179, 608658 or 602986 and we will arrange to collect them.

The shop provides many works of fiction arranged on shelves alphabetically by author with some shelves dedicated to crime, thriller, horror and science fiction stories, and there is a large selection of Mills and Boon romances. We also have non-fiction books arranged in sections covering cookery, gardening, travel, crafts and general subjects. Please feel free to come in and browse at your leisure. The staff are always happy to help you locate that elusive book.

Thanks go to the Lions and Friends of the Lions who man the bookshop providing their time to bring you this service. Thanks also go to those of you who have donated books and to all our customers over the past year.

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Throughout December there will be Santa on the top floor of Boyes 12pm-3pm on the following dates:
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