Bridlington First Responders

Since 2013, Bridlington Lions Club has been working with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust to provide extra services to the Bridlington Community.

In many medical emergencies, the first few minutes are critical. If effective treatment can be provided in this time, lives can be saved and disability reduced. Prompt treatment with an automated external defibrillator can save the life of the person. A defibrillator helps restore the natural rhythm of the heart when a person is experiencing cardiac arrest.

Six sites were identified in Bridlington for the location of the defibrillators and  a five year supply and training package was put together. Bridlington Lions Club provided the funding the funding and Yorkshire Ambulance Service the expertise, training and back-up and sourced the defibrillators.

The team trained for the Promenades Shopping Centre quickly expanded their work to provide a First Responder service for the town centre in shopping hours. Again Bridlington Lions Club funded the equipment while the Yorkshire Ambulance Service provided the training. The first responders are called on by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service if it is not possible to get an emergency vehicle to a patient within the first few vital minutes.

Early in 2016 another team of volunteers were trained in basic life support skills, the use of an automated defibrillator and administer oxygen. A further defibrillator was provided by the Bridlington Lions Club. This now enables the Bridlington Community First Responder Scheme to operate in all hours.

Working with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service these teams provide additional responders to the Bridlington community and the many visitors to the town. Bridlington Lions are proud to be working with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service on these community projects and have been delighted with the response and enthusiasm of the volunteers.+

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