Brilliant Bonfire and Fireworks Display


Bridlington Lion President (left) and Mayor Cyril Marsburg (right) light the bonfire

BRIDLINGTON LIONS today held their annual bonfire and fireworks event at Limekiln Lane.

Thousands of people turned out to see the amazing display of colours and noise that lit up the 5th of November night sky.

Added to the display there were burgers, hotdogs, brandy snap and jacket potatoes. The Lions set up a stall to serve tea, coffee and soup. There was also a childrens tombola, flashing novelties and a childrens ride.

Bridlington Mayor Councillor Cyril Marsburg lit the fire with Lion President John Bayne. It took a few minutes for the fire to really get started but when it did the fire quickly consumed all the wood that the Lions had spend most of the morning building into a bonfire.

A professional firework display followed 30 minutes later giving people a chance to get in to see the amazing display the lit up the night sky.

Lions Ladies running the Bottle Tombola



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