Caring for the Carers

On Thursday 19th August Bridlington Lions Club in conjunction with Rotherham Lions Club hosted a group of young carers to give them a break from their usual duties of looking after their parents and enjoy a day at the seaside.

The group consisted of twenty young carers and about six adults with two of Rotherham Lions and varying number of Bridlington Lions throughout the day. The day started around 10.00am with a tour round John Bull where the young people were treated to an insight into making rock and chocolates.

They were eventually prised away from the delights of rock and sweets and next stop was to the Bayside Amusements, where the owner of Bayside Mr Michael Harrison offered free rides to the young people. So they had the run of the fair and despite being full of sweets and chocolates there were no problems on the rides apart from getting wet on the Log Flume.

Around 1.30pm, everyone was eventually seated on the coach which made its way to Sewerby Methodist Church Hall where tables had been set out on the grass area behind the hall and everyone tucked into fish and chips which were supplied by Sewerby Fish Shop at a very competitive rate.

After everyone had eaten and visited the toilets, the coach made its way back to the Amusement area where the next treat was a ride on the Simulator. Most of the young people enjoyed a ride on this. The rides were again given free with the kind help of the owners Premier Engineering of Scarborough.

Finally the day was rounded off with another hour on the Bayside Amusements, after which everyone climbed onto the coach following a long day which was tiring but very enjoyable.

This day out was one of the very few times these young people get to have a day without caring for their parents, and from the Lions point of view it was a great opportunity to be able to serve the community in this way.

None of the above would have been possible without the generous help of all those who let us use their facilities and to them the Lions give a Big Thank You.

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