Lions Scheme Helps School Pupils Cope with Loss


Bridlington Lions Club is supporting local schools in helping their pupils understand about loss, change and bereavement.

The club is supporting a national Life Changes project which works with schools to teach pupils about coping with death.

It is aimed at helping pupils aged 3 to 11 year of age and encourages them to express their feelings in the wake of a death in their family or community and advises teachers on ways to discuss the sensitive topic with their whole class.

Of 16 local primary schools offered the programme by the Lions club 14 have taken it up and Peter Jay of Bridlington Lions said this indicates the importance of such a service in the area.

He said “The very said and tragic recent fire resulting in the death of three young children is a prime example of the need for activity and counselling for helping young children come to terms with the loss if a friend, brother or sister or any other relative close to them.”

The Lions have been greatly assisted in the distribution of this important resource with the valued assistance of the Headteachers Forum.

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