Lions Spectacles Collection

Thank you for Spectacles. They go to good causes.

Thank-you to those of you who have donated spectacles to the Lions through the collection bins placed in our local opticians. A steady supply has been collected and sent on to our friends at Chichester Lions Club who receive used spectacles from Lions clubs throughout the UK and sort them in preparation for onward transmission to Medico France in Le Havre. Medico France have the necessary equipment to clean and grade the spectacles ready for use in eye camps in Africa, India and Eastern Europe.

The Chichester Club have recently developed, with the help of the Inside Out Trust, facilities for grading spectacles in the UK and have shipped directly to Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Nepal and recently to Nigeria. In each case, the glasses are sent directly to known or Lions club contacts. They have also developed contacts with individuals and charities based in the UK who are carrying out eye-camp projects overseas, and who are able to use the spectacles that we are recycling and supplying to them.

Recycling of scrap material from broken and unsuitable spectacles yields funds which enable Lions Clubs to give financial support to eye related projects in the UK and overseas.  Since the inception of the recycle project British Lions clubs, through Chichester have donated approaching £200,000 to sight related schemes.

British Lions Clubs have also donated £11,500 to the Lions SightFirst II campaign. This campaign, which has achieved it’s aim of raising $160 million worldwide, follows on from an earlier fundraising campaign which has enabled Lions International to be a major funder of treatment to combat preventable blindness through disease.

Thanks to the Opticians who allow us to place recycling bins on their premises.

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