Parated for Brendan

Shortly after the Bridlington Lions Club presented a batch of ‘Parateds’ to the ambulance service, a little boy on holiday, called  Brendan, had an accident while pushing his mum on a swing. He cut his knee on a small piece of wood as he fell over. When the paramedics arrived to treat him, he was given a Parated. His mum was very appreciative of this and invited the Lions President Eileen Sunderland to visit Brendan and his family. Brendans mum particularly wanted the Lions to know how much the Parated helped her son to relax and make the incident less stressful. Brendans injury is now healing and he continues to enjoy his holiday with his family. He can keep his Parated and has decided to call it ‘Woody’. The Lions will continue to supply Parateds to the ambulance service in the future.

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